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Joel's Birthday

It looks like I'm on blogging-spree. This normally happen when I'm all stressed up or being pressured over something, which in this case, college.

I met Nizam this afternoon after college. OMG he looked so different already!

^This was taken a year ago.

And this was shot today:
I almost couldn't recognise him when he came by Asia Cafe with Haravinth. This is to conclude that people do mature physically but it depends on time.

Today's Joel's birthday and we went to "celebrate" it at Sunway Pyramid after college. We watched the movie "Click" and had dinner at Hartz Chicken Buffet.

Seriously, I think you should try catching the movie Click featuring Adam Sandler, because the movie's TEH RAWKS.

^The birthday boy at Hartz Chicken Buffet.

**Please proceed with caution. Image contains mild nudity**

^Hooray to Joel for being a good sport in showing us the after-effect from his birthday 'BASH' we gave him after class this evening. I sort of pity him, I think~ =P

Once again, dude, have a happy and blessed 19th birthday! Wishing you all the best and may you have a good year ahead! :)


Nigel said…
holy cow thats Nizam? serious shit arh?
vpws said…
Haha yeah that's Nizam. You know him?
Nigel said…
abuden, this is Nigel Lee here la
aman23 said…
omg you sucked his nipple ar?
vpws said…
Nigel:Oh really? Sorry I have two nigel readers in my blog. Haha! I thought you always go with the nick ~nge~?

Hahaha probably? Of course NOT! :P
Nigel said…
I dont know..i typed 'Nigel' in the other day by mistake somehwere and have stuck with it since...maybe I should switch back...
vpws said…
Ooh, haha, I see, I see.. :P

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