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Of Wing's and Moonshine

At last I managed to get my ass out of the house last night after a week long of being "kwai chai" at home. Natalia accompanied me through-out the night around KL and Damansara.

First stop was Wing's Cafe in Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL. A dear friend of mine, Reuben Kang, was emo-fying a live acoustic performance that night.

I picked Nat at 8 and off we headed to the City of Confusing Roads. Being the noobs of KL roads, we lost our way for about 20 minutes. We somehow managed to find the aforementioned place with both our senses of directions and driving instincts combined.

We arrived just in time for Reuben's performance.

Reubs on the "stage"(?).
Awful talented boy. He's got a really nice voice and he writes his own songs! Good stuff :)


^*Nat and I.

After his performance, we headed down to Laundry in The Curve for Moonshine to meet up with Penny and a few other bloggers. Moonshine is sort of a monthly event in Laundry where various local homemade bands jam and show off their acoustic talents.

^Laundry was freaking packed, and we didn't manage to get a seat.

Look at the crowd:


^*Us again.

Oh, and we met quite a bunch of familiar faces there too! It's really a small world out there.
Nat being Cinderella, I had to send her home before the clock stroke twelve. After I did, I headed back to Laundry again to hang-out with the rest. Slinky, Bryan, Ivan, Shaz, Kel Li, Natalie, Calvin and I left Laundry at about 1am for supper at William's and foosball until 3 in the morning.

And guess what time I woke up this morning?

4 classes skipped.

WTF! This has to stop!

*Pictures are courtesy of Natalia Ng.


aman23 said…
bugger, got warning letter but skip class lagi -_-;
vpws said…
Haha, I know, that's like, SHIT.. It has to stop man. -.-"
vincent vincent. Tsk tsk. How many classes have you skipped? And this is just your first month of college. Can't you just go out on Friday nights and weekends? Leave the weekdays alone. Go to college and be a good boy. Hehehe. =P
vpws said…
Miss Indispensable:
Mei Xin, Mei Xin! Hmmm, in total, about 24 classes? =P Yes, yes, I'll take your advice into consideration. =P Well, I just can't help it, because I'm not that "HOME" kinda person. Hehe, but I've learned to reduce. I am ALWAYS a good boy! Unlike you! ;) *winkz* Hahahaha!
jiat said…
OH MY GOD you vincent. i fakring tell me u INSAF and GOOD BOI and keep HITTING UR CHEST WITH THE u doing liek this..oh my idiot!u pay for college ok???!!!dun skip aid lah!!please insaf!!im serious ok..=P
vpws said…
Hehe Yeap yeap taikor I know. I insaf already, it's just that it was unavoidable because I couldn't wake up. I didn't miss college on purpose you know? =P *hits chest with fist again*
s!mp|e chery| said…
wah..looks like you had fun! eh u better stop ponteng-ing the way i think i saw your friend Natalia idea maybe?
vpws said…
s!mp|e chery|:
Haha yeah, lots of it! ;)

I'm still trying my very best to stop the skips and flies. :P Thanks for your concern.

Yeah, she's in Sunway College doing ADP. The world is so small eh?

BTW, so sorry about this morning, a bloody big waste for the highest chances of us meeting up. ><
-akxj- said…
.. swt .. no coment =/
vpws said…
No comment? LOL~

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