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Suicidal Attempt(?)

Looks like I'm still suffering from the same "on-holiday-mood-till-the-very-last-minute" syndrome since Secondary school. Honestly, I've been skipping alot of classes since college started about a month ago. Hence I'll be expecting a warning letter in the letterbox really soon.
I need to find an inspiration to repent and change. But how and where? Or probably, who?

Crappy shit, I injured my wrist due to excessive training in foosball this evening. I was trying hard to get my snake shot right but ended up getting hurt. -.-"

^Looks suicidal huh? Noob betul~

Tomorrow comes a new day - and class starts at 9 in the morning. At least I can have a little extra sleep.

Ahhhh! Wait a minute! I just remembered about Kel Li's 5am Bloggers@Dim Sum appointment later! I hope she has forgotten that she called me along, so I can snug myself in bed and not forcefully (and crazily) wake up at 4 in the morning. Slinky said he'll skip because he won't be able to wake up - so I think I'll do the same and use his excuse. Kel Li, if you're reading this, BLAME HIM! Hehehehe! =P


Hui wen said…
my eyes almost pop out! boom for u

and...WHAT?..O.o...Noob betul
vpws said…
Hui wen:
Huh why are your eyes almost popping out? Haha! :P Red boom?

Yeah I know, a really noobie. =P
lolita said…
don't skip classes so much's ur wrist now eh?get well soon
aman23 said…
eh jangan commit suicide lol xp
ryn said…
hahaha. not bad. you can trick people into thinking you're one of those emo people. reveal the wrist a lil, and wear all black xD
aman23 said…
and have simple plan blasting through your car lol
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
Haha, reducing, unlike you! Skipping classes like nobody's business! =P Still bad, because I trained snake shot again today! Haha! Thanks anyway for your concern! =D

Will try not to. Hahahaha! =P Simple Plan? Haha, emo band?

Haha, at least I don't camwhore like you do. =P I can also wear purple, making myself look like a gay that's really gonna commit suicide or something.
lolita said…
eh i also reducing lar k..people care for u summor wanna caci me like sad..ungratefull!!hphm..lolz..
vpws said…
Huh? Hahaha I wasn't "mencaci" you, I was just speaking of the fact. I cared for you and you thought I'm "mencaci-ing" you. Aih.. So ungrateful..


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