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^I was bored waiting for the traffic light while on my way to college. =P

Woot, the camgolo revolution has started! Camgolo is a new term in the blogosphere for a male camwhore. Not sure where and how it existed, but I first read it from Slinky's blog.

Nothing much to blog about, except that a few of my classmates and I found a dead cockroach in Math class this morning. Being guys, we played around with it, which includes:

^I was supposed to shout, "What's on my hair? Ahhhhhhhhh!" =P

Remember about the warning letter of absenteeism I was expecting earlier mentioned in a previous post?

^Yeah, it has finally arrived.

*Song of doom playing in the background*


Victoria said…
haha got warning letter..=p mom was damn pissed! ^^
ryn said…
omgomgomg. the cockroach pic?

aiyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. is that for real? aiyerrrrrrrrr.

how could you?!?!?!
lolita said…
owh my,so many days haha i ponteng like 30 over days also didn't get any letter for semester 1.ekekeke..lucky me +.+
vpws said…
Pissed my foot. She wasn't at all.

Haha yeah it is real. Why what's wrong with it!? Ish! You girls..

What!? That's so unfair! Eh Laura you gotta stop skipping classes man! Hahaha!
tinylola said…
haha should post with the cockroach since its dead
like in ur hands and with ur 101 million expression!

actually i just miss seeing those faces =)
vpws said…
Haha, I did posed that way. Just that, I was a little lazy to upload it. =P

You do? Awwwwww..
- adeLiNe - said…
lol ..

swt wei =) .. but thats abit little compared to what classes you skipped? or its correct?
vpws said…
- adeLiNe -:
It's correct. Lol~ Adrian is it?
vpws said…
Laura Leong lah who else? Why all in a sudden that question?
vpws said…
Hehe I knew it! :P

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