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OMG Earthquake!

Not the real earthquake lah; but Swensen's Giant Earthquake!

I believe in the need to pamper oneself with fattening and mouth-watering treats/desserts at least once a week. =D

^At Swensen's Subang Parade, the lovebirds at background are Michael and Jin Li.

^I think this picture's kinda weird. From the picture it seems that I was acting distortively cute, but honestly I wasn't at all! =P

^Michael working on his gestures that never fails to entertain everyone around him on this adorable little cherry.

I'm feeling a little lazy to write what's on my mind now so I guess this is where it ends. Time for bed. Good night.


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Keputusan Semak Semula

Ummm, I've just received the reply letter from Malaysia Examinations Syndicate earlier today.
3 months ago, my father made me appeal for a recheck on my SPM results because he wasn't very satisfied (neither was I, but there was nothing much I can do about it; afterall, I tried my best, no?) - and the results are finally out.

RM250 gone down the drain just like that. I told him already that it was no use, but he didn't want to listen. Oh well..

Why Taylor's College?

Many of my Sunway College friends have asked me this particular question,

"Why did you choose
Taylor's College
instead of
Sunway College?"

My answer/explanation is actually quite simple - ummmmm, perhaps NOT that simple.

Lets run down the road of history, lets say, about 2 months ago.

I was filled with indecisiveness in regard of choosing between two colleges for my Cambridge A Level Programme, Taylor's College and Sunway College. My parents were very fond of sending me to the former, whilst I preferred the latter. Thus, to reach a conclusion, I decided to take a ride down to both colleges one fine morning to personally enquire more about their campus, programme, and offers.

My first stop was Taylor's College Subang Jaya.

TCSJ Lady : Hi there, boy. How can I help you?
Me : (Feeling a little nervous) Err, I want to enquire about your 'A' Level Programme.
TCSJLady : Alright, sit right here and I'll be right back. *Point to a chair while taking a few pieces of b…