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Wilson's Farewell Part I

Yeah, at last! Sorry for the lack of updates. I was fulfilling on a hectic schedule for the past one week, especially during the weekends. I actually had time to update on Sunday, but dear Natalia delayed the picture transfer from her camera due to some complications. Blame her! =P

Let's start off with Friday night.

Friday night was a farewell gathering for Wilson (Lee Chein Wern), with dinner at Souled Out at 7 and Ruums Club after. Wilson and I spent the first two years of secondary school in the same class. I remember how mischievous and naive we were at that time. =P I'm so gonna miss that horny and corny boy when he leave for Florida next Friday. =(

Ronny, Alvina, Natalia, and Hui Jean hooked my ride that night, and because of them, we were late for dinner. Hehe~

@Souled Out (Million thanks to Nat for the pictures)

^The camshy me. =P

^Wilson boy and I.

^Jean and Nat, the camwhores to the extreme! =P

^The bill. O.o

Initial plan was to head on over to Ruums right after Souled Out, but at the last minute we diverted to Maison. We finally ended up in Laundry Bar@The Curve because some of the underage peeps were denied entrance into Maison. We hung around till 4 in the morning.

Saturday night was the Leo Club of Taylor's College First International Understanding cum Installation Night.

^The New Members Induction Ceremony.

^L-R: Me, Ken Meng, Dennis and Roshanpal.

I left early to join Wilson (again?) at Ruums Club for an Ohm Session, Hardsequence versus PHD (Pure Hard Dance).

^Soul-T of PHD on the decks.

They played stimulating hard-hitting and heavy bass with a dash of hardstyle energy all night long. An event specially infused for (Melbourne) shufflers.

Wanted to blog about the Pussycat Dolls World Tour 2006 Live Concert, but I'm feeling a little lazy at the moment so I'll stop here.

Till the next post.


vpws said…
just for a day.. hahahaha~ he's back because he's sick, n for that night he attended the leo event.. stupid fella right? haha~
ryn said…
.... vincent. who do you think you're feeling with the first pic? the "camshy" you.

that is never never never gonna happen. even when you're 90 la.
vpws said…
oi! i'm really that shy n innocent ok!? hahahaha~ iSh.. at 90, i wonder how i'll camwhore toothless n wrinkles aplenty.. lol~
roshan said…
wei, i came back to see someone. haha. didnt have time for doing everything..
vpws said…
wah, surely girlfriend la! lol~ btw damn u la neva tell me who.. hahaha~
thecw said…
camshy my foot la vincent bodo bodo x infinity
vpws said…
chiawei bodo bodo bodo x math error!
roshan said…
i told u who.u just dont know her. haha
vpws said…
oWh... yeah! now i remember! hahaha! :)
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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