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Pussycat Dolls World Tour 2006 Live Concert

Yeap, I was there.

The decision to join horny Wilson at Sunway Lagoon for the spectacular live view of the freaking hot idols were made quite at the last minute - and the tickets were purchased the day before the concert.

Since the Pussycat Dolls World Tour 2006 Live Concert stories and reviews are so common in the blogosphere, I'll just entertain you with my set of pictures:

^Our tickets.

^When we arrived, the place was already sardine-packed.

^After shifting a few different areas for better view, we finally stood near Wilson's group of friends.

^Woohooo~ Hawt hawt!

^Nat and I. =)

^A friend just got a new tattoo on her back. Cool huh!? =P

^Wilson acting macho but it turned out him looking sleepy.

Hmm, I guess that's all for now. I surely didn't regret attending the concert. Worthed every cent.

Had a surprise farewell party last night at Kota Kemuning for a friend, Nicholas a.k.a. Nick, who is leaving for Flight School in Langkawi. Tonight I'll have a belated birthday celebration followed by a final farewell for dear Wilson boy (again?). OMG, people are already asking whether if both of us are gay. Sheesh~

So many people leaving. I'm feeling so emo now.


aman23 said…
so many aspiring pilots.. let's just hope there's no overload of 'em. =p
thecw said…
gay betul vincent nih
ryn said…
ehhhh why your ticket tulis vip! :(

haha, the tattoo is really cool =)
vpws said…
aman23:Hehe YEAH.. i'm scared by that fact.. ><

diam lah lesbo! :P

VIP la wat else!? :P lol~

Hehe yeah.. crazy gurl la she.. tsk tsk tsk.. lol~ plan 2 get tattoos?
willy said…
well, vincent still has one of the tightest butt-holes around......
vpws said…
ish bugger gay arse.. nothing better to do is it? grrrrr.. lol~
Come to think of it, why laaa you both hanging out so much these days HUH?
I always knew Will had a gay side going on. Like, he can turn gay if he wanted to.
But you too, Vin? Sigh. Disappointed. Thought can introduce you to some hot chicks somemore.

Does that mean you're gonna cry when Will leaves? Poor boy. I'll bring a box of tissue, okay?
vpws said…
nat <33*:
Ish, NAT, you're so mean! Grrrr.. Hahaha~
C'mon Nat, don't you want to at least spend 5 days with a close bud before he leaves. That's when you won't be able to see him again for the next five years!?

Hahahaha, that is his problem if he wants to go on GAY-MODE, at least I'm still innocent and straight! =P As if you'll introduce some to me. XP *blueks*

Hahahaha, I might, or I might even not..
Hey, people got feelings too you know? Guys do cry. Except for those who have a HUGE-EGO-MASK on. Don't cha agree?
adecrazy said…
Why VIP stand so far?

But anyways, the tattoo is awesome. ;)
vpws said…
Haha standing with 100 bucks friends mar.. lol! >:P

yeah! :P

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