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Wanted to blog about Julia's belated birthday dinner gathering, but I'll postpone it first to make way for an entry about today's (31st July 2006) series of unfortunate events.

For the first time since college started, I purposely woke up a little earlier this morning to have breakfast with Puvana, and at the same time revise a little for Math test at Asia Cafe. Thanks to the traffic jam due to the bad weather condition, I reached there quite late and didn't even have time to finish my glass of warm Chinese tea. ><

Physics test was screwed up. That's what I get for playing a fool in class for the past 4 weeks. I'm gonna jump down Taylor's College floor D if I ever pass this test. (Touch wood though)

Got thrashed in foosball by a body containing the XX chromosome. Nat, I want a rematch! Grr~

When I went to fetch my car to head back home, I saw this:

^A bloody 80 bucks parking fine. I forgot to renew the monthly pass.
Stupid me.

You had a bad day
You've seen what you like
And how does it feel for one more time
You had a bad day
You had a bad day


aman23 said…
wah on top of the MPSJ fine got proton brochure summore. =p that's why, buy proton! =p lolol.

haha well dude, shit happens sometimes, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you. =)
vpws said…
Hahahahaha, the fine is the bomb la.. :( LOL Yeah lah yeah lah I know lah you're a proud proton owner.. LOL~

Yeah, hopefully! Thanks alot dude!
aman23 said…
yeah.. my dad already told me if i get fined or summoned, it's my problem, he won't tanggung =\ so i better jaga jaga!

haha proton now ok already la. i'd go for proton anyday now! =)
vpws said…
Hahahahaha icic.. Crap man i still haven't tell my mom, maybe she'll help me tanggung this time.. Wuakakaka~

Cheh of course you'll say that when you own one! LOL, just like how I'll say it for Perodua.. =P
ryn said…
hahaha. the mpsj thing. i think they were on a high that day? my mum got one too. lol. 80 bucks saman. ouch.
vpws said…
Hahaha lately they damn semangated in finding the rakyat's fault. >< Yeah, ouch man. My mom might be going to MPSJ tomorrow to appeal for a lower fine. LOL. =P
Liz said…
80 bucks? ouch. O.o hope your mom's appeal works! :D
vpws said…
Yeap, *OUCH*.. :( Yeah I hope too, or else I'll have to pay half of it. Haha~ By the way it has been quite some time since I last hear from you.. ;)
suzanne said…
tomolo is a better day~
vpws said…
I really hope so, hahahaha. And I think it will be, cause I rarely get that unfortunate. LOL~
willy said…
from my father's past experience.....they'll automatically accept ur appeal. so no big ;p

oh ya, dun pay also nvm la.......UNLESS it's a police saman. haha. i got one early this year.....still haven't settled ;) shhhhh!
willy said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Victor Pang said…
Sad case ask u to become soo careless not to change the ticket or sumting.hahaha XD
vpws said…
Hmmm, alright I hope you're right. At least can reduce the stress a little bit. =P

Hahaha, but at the ticket it was stated that I have to "selesaikan saman/kompaun dalam masa 14 hari atau tindakan mahkamah akan diambil".. X( Are you sure again? Hahaha. So I guess you won't be settling your summon even when you leave? LOL..

Victor Pang:
Yeah, really sad.. :P Go sleep la no school ah!? =P
Oh, goodness. I didn't know you had such a bad day or else I wouldn't have kicked your ass in foosball ;) NAH, just kidding, hun. Anyways, sorry I didn't reply you yesterday! Standard but honest excuse! : No more credit :\

Oh, and Will's right. Saman can chill wan. BUT, if you selesaikan within that 2 weeks, me thinks you can bargain and get a discount ;) So your choice!
vpws said…
nat <33*:
NOW you know. =P No worries, yesterday's over. But today's worst, and bet you know that cause I told you already~
Hahaha, yeah, real standard and honest. =P

Hmmm, my mom is going to settle it for me. So I think it's not gonna be my choice anymore. =P
nigel said…
thats y i use public transport haha ...parking itself also cost more adi not to mention petrol and many more LIABILITIES
vpws said…
Hahaha.. Speaking of convenience mar..
nigel said…
yalor rich people like you can consider convenience ....sigh

eh u still owe me yum cha sessions sux la ...i doing 2 LAN in 1 sem ....but once finish damn easy ..
now suffer like mad
vpws said…
Haha, since when I'm rich? It's convenient because it saves time, and if treasure your time, it's like treasuring your money. Get what I mean? =P

Haha yeah I know, sorry bro. =P WOW, all the best to you man! =P
Anonymous said…
HElloz Apanggg..guensss whoz the Manz..wellz so late but Waiting for a friend call..80bucks teach u how to treasure money i agreee with nigal LOOK at This sriKl kid ere taking bus to school and home..dammit pang ur rich kidddd..i sit bus okiee u sit OWN car..
Anonymous said…
ronz ere anyway ;p
vpws said…
Anonymous a.k.a. ronz:
Hahaha, I treasure money, but, dear mummy is paying, so don't really bother much. Don't call me spoilt or anything I tell you. Hahahaha~

I'm not rich lah! Eh you do have your own car too don't you!? =P
Itscheryl said…
hey malang friend
we same boat one
i very experience already ahhaha
cause i got a total of 8 parking samans already thru out 5 years
go rayu then it'd be rm 40
better than 80 la
40 u can eat mcds 4 times adi hahaha
with apple pie and sundae =P

laura says u can buy her peanutbutter kitkat too *hint*
ask her about it kakakaa
vpws said…
HAHAHA, yeah! But this is my first summon. Broke my clean record already. Hehehe, and I bet you haven't experience the feeling of your car getting towed and compounded right? LOL~

Wah, you're like my personal finance director/assistant lah. Hahahaha! Yeah, true, 40 bucks can use to buy revision books lah! Ahahaha~
Itscheryl said…
ehheeh pls ahhh i dowan to kena car tow even once in my life hahahaa
vpws said…
Hahaha, then you better comply to the rules and regulations! =)

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