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Of Innocence and WCFinal

terponteng /"t3:.pQn.teN/ verb (Bahasa Melayu)
   1. The show of unintentional absence
   2. Inadvertently skipping classes/appointments etc.
      e.g.: For the first time, Vincent unexpectedly terponteng college.

Yeah, it was unintentional; neither did I plan my first absence in college - especially when there's an assessment test for Mathematics and maybe Physics. I just couldn't wake up, even when my alarm clock was on snooze every 9 minutes for 2 hours straight. I guess it's the combination of depression and exhaustion that has made me stuck to my bed whole morning. NO NO NO, don't start calling me a corrupted boy, or even dare to tell me "wanna-change-konon". =P


Went to Bintang Walk last night with Adrian and Kent to join the 5% of the whole Malaysian population (about 1 million - at least?) in watching the World Cup Final match between France and Italy. Almost 70% of the supporters present were on Italy's side. >< So, we as supporters of France were keeping quite a low profile to prevent all unforeseen injury and criticism.
Anyway, indulge yourselves with some pictures.

^ The view @ Bintang Walk

Italy won. End of story



-KeNt- said…
it's cool man...=D..
vpws said…
>< wat's so cool? lol.. france lost?
aman23 said…
ah shit, i slept through the whole thing. i set my alarm at 2am to wake up and catch it on tv but i slept through the alarm! now the next WC will only be when i'm 22. :(
vpws said…
haha.. u have all my sympathy man.. hahaha! yeah exactly! that's da reason y i'm so willing to sacrifice my time, including my attendance to college, just to watch the match.. coz 4 years from now, i'll b in da different situation, mayb watching with different ppl also.. lolx~
ryn said…

haha. sure got the TER there? i think if you were determined enough, you would have dragged your sleepy sleepy ass outta bed!


oooh bintang walk got jj & rudy! my idols.
vpws said…
haha YEAH very sure! :P lolx! i was determined, but my spirit all hancur already when france lost.. ><


idols? lolx.. y them? :P hahahahahaha~
-szchuah- said…
Stand up for the champions,
Stand up for ITALIA!! , =p
Dissapointinglar Zizou, such a foolish act, anyway, i pay tribute to France too as they beat mighty Brazil
vpws said…
hahaha.. congrats 2 u..
yeah.. very foolish indeed.. that stupid materazzi la.. go fondle zizou's nipples.. hahahaha~
france's unexpectedly good this world cup! :)
huiwen said…
u skip college?...gosh...mana boleh?..u tot u r still in highschool?...tell u more ponteng in the dictionery when u enroll to college...u will miss out lot of things in a day
ryn said…

one word why jj & rudy.


vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
heheheh i already big boy la where got still high school? haha! yeah i know that.. i promised myself not to skip coll anymore.. hehehe!

HAHAHAHAHA.. i get what u mean! haha~

but then, GOTCHA is getting really old n alittle lame.. n, they should try out more new ideas already..
-KeNt- said… to go out all the way to bukit bintang just to watch football although france lost..>.<..
vpws said…
hahaha yeap.. good experience.. :P lolx~
vpws said…
wah ponteng school again?
lolita said…
tsk tsk tsk skip wonder lar..haiz..good boi konon!!!
vpws said…
eh!!! it was unintentional ok!? hahaha! TER-ponteng, i repeat, TER-ponteng! lolx~ more gud then u lar! :P
lolita said…
u good than me..PUH-lease!!! yea as the saying goes,when there's a will there's a will to wake up go for coll..kekeke
vpws said…
hahaha.. puhlease wat? tak puas? eh got damn alot will ok? just dat sometimes it is not avoidable! blueks!
Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work. thnx!
Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work. thnx!
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed a lot! » » »

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