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Updates Required?

Wow, at last I'm actually able to sit down here in front of my computer and co-incidently having the free time and inspiration to blog. This week has been very hectic, with the tight new schedule of classes and big load of assignments throughout the weekdays; and not forgetting events that commenced after one another on the weekends.

On Friday night I was at the Taylor's Inter-College Dance Competition. Although the programmes didn't go as smooth as desired, the event was still a bomb! Probably because I'm very much into dancing and the 10 teams that participated that night did put up a very good show. *Applause*

^There were also performances by local guest artistes like K-Town Clan (pic), Samir, and Urban Groove in which in my opinion, greatly enhanced the atmosphere of the event.

^Group picture of the winners, with Inferno from KLIUC lifting the 1st place trophy this year.

The dancers from Inferno were good, but they won't have a chance against Dance Mania, the winners of Rexona No-Sweat Dance Challenge 2005. Yeah, Dance Mania is still at the top of my best group dance list for they are a group of superbly skilled dancers. Try checking them out if you have the chance.

Last afternoon I was at Sunway Medical Centre visiting a friend whom just went through operation for a torn ligament.

^Shih Yeh was still in all smiles despite all the trouble he went through.

^The other kids that tagged along and did nothing but still managed to give in their contribution in disturbance to the patient; Amelia, Dinesh, and Edward. =P

At night I was out for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest at Cathay Cineleisure, Damansara. The screening was specially booked by L'Oreal in conjunction of the Studio Hair Mania Hunt 2006. I was invited by a friend, Wai Leong, which was one of the finalists.

Thanks dude for the invitation! =)

Hmmm, there goes another week. Someone please stop the time! =(


ryn said…
finally an update!

i still haven't been to that cathay cineleisure place =( i don't even know where it is *whistles*

so, did capt jack sparrow make u swoon?
vpws said…
yeah! finally! haha~

really? lol one day i bring u there lar! hahahaha~

nah, he made me laugh till i spilled some popcorns.. lolx~
aman23 said…
wow, your weekend so hectic, mine was soo boring lol.
vpws said…
haha wait for another 2 or 3 more weeks, n u'll start hanging out more with your college mates..

btw so sorry again about not being able to attend the drinking session.. :(
aman23 said…
it's ok dude. maybe this coming friday or something? =D
vpws said…
this friday? hmmm.. i've got plans actually, but we can always make it a little earlier, can't we? lets say, about dinner time? or after your prayers? :P hehe~
ryn said…
hahaha. is the popcorn at that cinema good btw? popcorn is vital in enjoying a movie.

sunway's popcorn is bad! i believe in gsc haha.

this is so off topic.

elehh, you say you'll bring me one day? as if!
aman23 said…
after prayers got class la bro. and i'm going out straight after.. doubt i'll be back by dinnertime.. hmm.
vpws said…
ryn:hahaha dun worry it's still in da "cinema" topic.. lol~

yeah GSC's popcorn rox! hmmm.. da popcorn in cineleisure isnt as nice as GSC's la IMHO..

hahahaha, it depends whether u want anot la.. i always keep up to my words 1.. ;)

i meant maghrib la.. lol~ dunno how izzit spelt also.. lol~ icic~ hmmmmm den gotta postpone it agn? haha~
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