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Nicholas' Surprise Farewell Party

Just like I mentioned in the previous post, we had a surprise farewell party for Nicholas at a friend's house in Kota Kemuning. Nick's boo, Yue Mei, was the organizer.

We arrived at the hostess' house at about 7pm and met quite a number of familiar faces there. It was a crowd of about 40, all related to Nick in some way - from own flesh and blood, to childhood friends.

^Michael and Keng Heng. Guess what? I kinda told Wilson my prediction of them wearing the same pants - and they did! Wuahahahaha!

^CW from top: Keng Heng, Michael, Ronny.
We were entertained by these jack-asses while waiting for Nick's arrival.

And when he did,... (which was 25 minutes late from schedule><)

^Tears were already running down his cheeks. Awww..

^We also had a cake cutting session. We sang "Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch" for dear Nick. So emo.

Group pictures!!!

^The angels.

^The devils. >:)

Then we had a private photo session amongst ourselves, the group of ex-USJ4 buddies. (If you can't stand the obscenity, please leave immediately. Hahahaha~)

The Finale:

^Olden Days Part II. All grown up. =P

Compared to Part I, which was taken 3 years ago:

^Felt like laughing huh? =P

After everyone left, Nick, Keng Heng, and I went to Asia Cafe. We met up with Alvin there, played some foos at Asia Club, had a drink at Asia Cafe, and then spent the whole morning outside Alvin's house in Sunway. We had a 3 hours long private session of just "boys-talk". =P

I felt so nostalgic during the chat down memory lane with Nick. It feels so good (and quite depressive at times) just to sit, drink, and talk or rather laugh about the past - when we were once still young, not-so-innocent, and stupidly naive.

Nick, if you ever read this, I wish you all the best in everything you do. Make sure I'll be addressing you as Captain Nick Ooi in the near-coming future. Take care and God bless.

I'm so gonna miss that guy when he's gone.


smashpOp said…
eh? is this abirthday or farewell party? ahah
vpws said…
farewell la! hahaha~ which part of this post made it look like it's a birthday party? :P
vpws said…
Huh? Who gay? You gay? LOLX!

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