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"Aiyah, once you enter college already, you sure won't have that much time to blog or bloghop 1 lah~"

That was the reply I received from a senior quite some time ago when I complained about her rarely taking the time to update her super-outdated-almost-basi blog.

Now, I couldn't agree more.

Lately when I come back home from college, I felt like spending less time on the computer - and instead I preferred channelling all the free-time to short-naps, gym, and homework. So now you know what's keeping me away from blogging for the past few days. I have a feeling of not able to update as often as before.


The weekends were pretty fine, considering that I was looking forward to it last week in college. I practically almost watched all the four quarter-finals World Cup matches at Asia Cafe. Ole~ France won! =)

Cheer 2006 was fantabulous (combination of fantastic and fabulous =P)! This is my third consecutive year of attending the national inter-school cheerleading competition. This year, Titans of Ave Maria Convent from Ipoh brought home the champions trophy they really deserved.

If you haven't been to any, do attend next year's Cheer 2007, and I guarantee you'll want to come for the following year.

Nothing much to look forward to this week - other than the Semi-finals World Cup matches.

Before I end this, I would like to thank all those who have showered me with their love, comfort, and advices in the previous post. I'm already starting to (slowly) adapt into my studies, especially Mathematics - and that's GOOD NEWS, isn't it? =)



lolita said…
stalker u!!cheer also din come say hi~=P
-akxj- said…
laura you went also?

did i also told you that?

dont believe me .. =)
-akxj- said…
i meant didnt believe me..
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
huh? why stalker all in the sudden? grrrrrrr.. u wait in college tomorrow! :P

that's not laura la OMG.. hahahahaha! julia lar! :P
ryn said…
see. you didn't mention you saw me too!

eh don't la not bloghop anymore :(
-akxj- said…
ooops .. i also just realise when i blog hop =/

sorry julia.. in your blog now =)
vpws said…
ryn:hahaha.. coz i was having some sorta writer's block.. can't think of wat to write.. :P soli lar..

owh, i'll still bloghop often lar! haha~ :)

aman23 said…
that's great to hear man. =D now let's hope the same thing happens to me. =)
vpws said…
awwwwwww.. c'mon! u're too smart too actually face the problem i faced la dude! ahahaha~

oh btw u're speaking on which? the "adapt thingy" or the "less update thingy".. it better not b da "less update thingy".. haha~
aman23 said…
i'm speaking about your maths la. =p
vpws said…
owh, haha.. ok~.. n yeah, as i said, "u're too smart too actually face the problem i faced la dude!"

aman23 said…
no lah, i'm not that smart as you think x_x
ryn said…
why both of you trying to be humble humble?

i settle it la okay.

both of you are smart.
vpws said…
aman23:haha yeah rite.. :P maybe lar.. but still on the SMART side.. i'm on the other..

hehe~ dis is coming from a SUPER SMART ALL A'S KID.. i smell sarcasm.. >< grrrrrr~
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
hmmm.. i'm not certain about the game.. hehe! just hoping for a good match lar! haha~
ryn said…
omg no!

i was sincere.

haha it's funny seeing both of you be humble.

'no la no la. u smarter. i dumb'

'nononono. u smarter! im so not'

vpws said…
hahaha.. "sincere"? well, a lie that won't hurt but bring happiness is okay rite? i understand.. haha..

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