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A short update..

I eventually missed the fun of a Friday-night. Thank it all to college. Came home from college about 6 in the evening yesterday, took my bath and then a short nap. It was supposed to be short, but somehow or rather, I slept my way till 9 this morning. Thus, I might have ffk-ed some Friday-night last-minute appointments. My sincerest apologies!

The past two weeks as a college boy has been a window-opening to most of my point-of-views. I'm not certain about what, but I ought to find out real soon to blog about them.

College wouldn't be that stressful if it weren't for their gigantic pile of homework every-freaking-day. So far I managed to complete every single one of them - but I have a feeling I will succumb to it pretty soon.

Oh, I have this lecturer that pronounces words in a very funny way.
A good example: He pronounces the word "position" as "poo-see-shen/pussy-shen". ROFLMAO.

I have lots of plan tonight but can only adhere to one. Top in the list is the Flipsyde concert at Zouk Club, KL. Not sure if they have underage restrictions. Oh well, maybe gym and a yamcha session tonight will be good enough.


aman23 said…
i hope i won't succumb. =\ it's just plain crazy. i'm so tired when i get back from college.
vpws said…
yeah crazy indeed! haha~ apart from havin the trouble to FINISHING it, i also have trouble SOLVING the questions.. i know how u feel man.. haha.. n it's only ur first week of college.. lolx~
lolita said…
study hard don't skip classes k..ur so lucky u know got miss shoba as ur maths teacher..she's our mentor*winks*
vpws said…
hahaha.. will try to.. :P

y LUCKY!? she gives homework like HELL man!!! X(
vpws said…
anyway u're da one skipping classes! not me.. i'm as innocent as an angel u know!?
ryn said…
eh you're paid to blog?? you signed up for that thing? ^o) does it really work?

haha, and here i thought college was a breeze :)
vpws said…
hahaha no no no no that's just an advertisement by adsense.. lolx~ not sure if it works though.. dun trust it.. haha~

yeah, u thought.. grrrr.. aha~
aman23 said…
college was never meant to be easy. =\
vpws said…
you can say THAT again! lol~
yen said…
every maths lecturer in taylors gives tonnes of hmework. hehe
vpws said…
lol.. n lemme guess, every student in taylors won't do their homework.. lolx! am i rite? :P i hope i am.. haha~
yen said…
i dont know but i do all. =p 70% of my classmates too.
-KeNt- said…
haiz..damn la...cannot go flipsyde..>.<...nvm...i'll check out for more tickets ..=D..
vpws said…
yen:wah.... semangated gila man.. >< mayb becoz medic class lidat 1 kua.. :P hahaha~

hahahaha~ yeah.. sad lar.. :P nvm 2nite at bintang walk! mayb can c! hehe~

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