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I'll be right back..

Feeling : Physically Stressed, Mentally Indecisive, Emotionally Neutral

A typical morning for a secondary school student. School was really boring, because quite alot of my "rakan seperjuangan" were absent.

Went to SS15 after school to DOTA.
What the heck?
I'm supposed to stop going to the cybercafe already. Was persuaded by my friends to go, and the urge of playing was unbearable. =P Hehe~

I don't think I'll be blogging that often anymore. It will be hard to find the time to blog after tomorrow because I'll be pretty busy with school stuffs and studies.

SPM trials is next week and I haven't really touch a DAMN book yet.

Shih Mun & I promised to motivate each other as both of us are having problems with motivation to study. We will frequently visit the library starting September onwards.

I really hope it will work out, or I'll die. Literally.


Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work »

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