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A day to remember..

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Happy, Emotionally Stable

What happens when you attend a seminar with hopes of achieving something worth while, and the seminar's itinerary turned out containing hours-long speeches and promotions not related to school subjects?

You FLY. Yes, FLY, which means ponteng! Haha~

Went to 1-Utama at 9:00am, where many shops weren't opened yet. The whacky 6 of us did many funny things you couldn't ever imagine. Haha~! Here are some pictures to satisfy your curiosity.

^ Us wearing the Ti-RATANA t-shirt, while posing beside the word "Highstreet" which symbols a precinct in 1-Utama Shopping Centre.
L-R: Me, Michael, Densearn, Siau Yen, Mun Hoe & Adrian

^ How often can you take a picture like this without attracting attention? =P Taken infront(or beside?) of the Reebok boutique.

^ Densearn-Rabbit-Michael's hand. Taken infront of Pets Wonderland.

We got lost many times on the way there, just like how we did on the way to KDU for the Ti-RATANA seminar.

When all the shops at 1-Utama opened, we went to Burger King to have breakfast and the new bowling alley to play foosball & pool. We also walked multiple minutes blindly around the mega shopping mall. I bought a car sign for my teacher and a small plushie for my sister as their belated birthday gifts.

At 12:30pm, we headed back to Subang Jaya for a Biology Intensive class at Prime College, The Summit.
Went back home at about 8pm.

Now I'm here all exhausted. School holidays has ended. It's back to school tomorrow. I can't wait for the next holiday which will be in 3 days time, which is the National Day.
I'm so gonna enjoy myself on the 30th and 31st, because after that, I promised myself to concentrate fulltime on the study table or the library.

Guess what? My family went to IKANO POWERCENTRE without me today! =( But my mom bought me a table lamp from IKEA worth RM90 and a pink Body Glove t-shirt worth RM59. Thanks mom! =)

Oh, my photo and name came out in the Star Newspaper today! It's in page 3, Ole Brats section. Just open the middle of the whole STAR newspaper and you'll be able to find me there! Haha~

^ Just a small capture of the section.

This is a day that painted a beautiful picture in my book of memories. =)

Till the next post. I need my sleep already. Good night!


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