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30th Aug = Merdeka's eve Part I

Feeling : Physically Tired, Mentally Plain, Emotionally Stable

It's the eve of our 48th National Independence Day.
Every year, it proudly reminds us all of the warm sweat and cold blood shed in unity to achieve our independence from the British occupation 48 years ago. We should be proud to be Malaysians because there's no other country in the world withstands our peace and unity amongst multiple races, ethnic and religions.

What the heck am I talking? =S

Anyway, I will be going to celebrate Merdeka countdown at Sunway Pyramid just like last year. Click here for pictures of last year's celebration. =)

I don't know why I can't feel the excitement today although there's still 6 hours left on the clock before countdown.
I'll be attending my Biology tuition until 10 o'clock, then only I'll head to Sunway Pyramid. I hope the congested traffic won't get any worst compared to the previous year.

Trial's just next week and I'm not even ready for it. Perhaps that's why I don't feel the excitement nor too looking forward to the national celebration.



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