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Prefects Dinner..

Feeling : Physically Headache, Mentally Sleepy, Emotionally Sad

(the continuation of 26th August 2005 entry..)

Attended the 8 Leo Clubs Joint Installation post-mortem meeting. The juniors did pretty well in organising the event. But there were also flaws and weaknesses visible enough in several departments. Because of some certain issues brought up on that meeting, I began doubting the capability of my successor.

After the meeting, I rushed to pick up Seo, Ley Yeem, Carol and Dorothy to an annual prefect's appreciation party in Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam. The start of the programmes were pretty good, but towards the end, the programmes and crowd were getting really messy.

Got home at 1am the next day(27th Aug) and was too tired to blog. So I dozed off immediately after checking my mails.


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Ummm, I've just received the reply letter from Malaysia Examinations Syndicate earlier today.
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