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All hail Prom King (cheh wah~)

It has been 6 days without a word from me. Well, my absence was not because of a hiatus - instead I was out and away for an after-SPM holiday with my buddies in Genting Highlands. I will post pictures taken from the trip later when I get the final set from Sheela.


My school's prom was held last Tuesday, 8th of December 2005 with the theme La Rosa Negra. I paid a hundred bucks for nuts - not-so-good food and small-congested hall. The criterias making the hundred bucks worth it is the companionship of my fellow 'rakan seperjuangan' and bearing the title Prom King of SMK USJ4 2005 by luck.
I would like to congratulate and thank the organizing committee for organizing the event successfully. I really enjoyed myself there.

Here are some pictures I picked out of hundreds of good ones.

^ Preparing for Prom at Michael's house.

^ First group picture with the Romeos.

^ Looking good.

^ Roshanpal, with his 700 bucks G2000 suit. Rich freak. ><

^ L-R: Botak Michael, Copperhead Mun Hoe and Cute Aida.

^ Hsien Loong

^ The guys at table 12. L-R: Hsien Loong, Michael and Seo Densearn.

^ Jow Liie looking good in blue

^ Michael and I with a few girls - CW Top L-R: Kitty, Ying Ying, Xiao Qian, Carrere, and Jow Liie.

^ Adrian, the macho kid in purple.

^ Lai Yen the cute one.

^ My hot blog idol, Penny

^ Beautiful chicks that are close to my heart, Bavany and Jacqueline.

^ Jacq again. I look weird. ><

^ Jacq SS-ing with my Prom King prize. =P

^ Hot Romeos that Juliets can't handle. Hahaha~

^ Me dancing with Sherine. Best dance/couple will win the Prom King and Queen title. I won the Prom King title, so she..

^ The Prom King with his prizes.

^ And again.. Yes I know, you wanna punch me. :(

^ Posing with TEH HAWT and gorgeous Sheela - the supposed to be Prom Queen.

Pictures are courtesy of Michael Goh, Penny Wong, Lee Eu Jean, Amanullah, Sheela Khaw, Jacqueline Ng, Adrian Kong, and Roshanpal.

Went to KL after Prom. Wanted to spend the night clubbing at Beach because Atmosphere was closed. Reached there pretty late so all the clubs and bars were halfway closing.
I met Wilson and Natalia there too. =P Ended up at SS2 Murni to get some drinks under Penny's suggestion. Got back home at 6AM.
Indeed, the night was a great and memorable 12-hour after-SPM function.


I need to get some sleep now. Contracted a flu and constant headaches after getting home from Genting Highlands. Argh, it's really suffering. Hope I'll get well soon to be able to satisfy and fulfill another hectic week ahead.


ryn said…
vincent, why arent u smiling in most pics! wanna look cool and james bond like? :D anyway congrats bout prom king!!! haha good pick.
vpws said…
Haha, I'm not the 'smiling' kinda person.. Hehehe~
Thank you! :) Really? Hahahaha~
Roshan said…
hey. ur suit also costs almost the same ok
Roshan said…
'Hot Romeos that Juliets can't handle. Hahaha'

i like that :D
Liz said…
wah ... prom king! *bows* Congrats wei!! :D
~nGe~ said…
'small congested hall', 'nuts' and 'not so good food'. you call that a success? where was i durin the prom? i think i was at a friends place getting drunk on bacardi rum. lol
~nGe~ said…
oh yea, and congrats on the prom king thingy. now, how we gonna start making our movie? lol
vpws said…
..::RoShaNPaL::..:a hundred bucks less got lah! :P

Hahahaha~ I was lazy to write names from left to right, so I just made that up. Hahaha! :P

*bows back* Thank you dear! :)

Hahaha, for me, it's a success because it the event started and ended without much trouble.. :)
OMG I'm imagining the horror of you getting drunk! Lolx~

Thanks dude.. Ermm, anytime, just tell me when! Haha~
aman23 said…
where's our toilet camwhore pic? lolz!
vpws said…
Alah u tak send.. haha~
sadomasochist said…
AT LAST!! an entry. haha. i also got my suit from G2000 wei. but mine the cheapest la rm599 only. heh..gaya sial u..
vpws said…
Setelah sekian lama.. Haha! :P
OMG another rich freak!! Lolx~ Thanks.. u 2! Haha~
-akxj- said…
eh!...never link my name at the ending =) ..ehehe nice pics!
vpws said…
I only link a name once in one post, what for link so many times.. Haha~ Thanks..
Grace said…
wooo, your suit was tradisional, nice and neat! looks really good.. esp with your height.

all hail prom king vincent!

*vomits in background* :P
vpws said…
Grace:Hahaha.. Just something really simple.. :) Yeah, Im lucky to have this height.. :P

Alah, don't lah vomit vomit.. Hahahaha! Evil grace! =P

Haha nope you didn't.. Send it again okie? Thanks!
~nGe~ said…
nah i didnt get totally drunk...the last time that happened was....around chinese new year i think. haha...
vpws said…
Lolx.. I see I see.. So I presume you'll get drunk again on the next chinese new year lah? Haha~
tinylola said…
haha.. we had lotsa fun after prom
bila round 2?? this time we must stay up till morning and i mean really till morning ;D
~nGe~ said…
not unless someone challenges me to whack a bottle of whiskey (i managed half last time) haha...
vpws said…
tinylola:Haha I missed CS lah!! Must go play again one time! :P Hehehehe~
Ermm, soon kua.. Pretty hectic lah my schedule for these few weeks.. ><

Haha thank you, I'll send your compliments to her.. :)

Haha, expensive lah.. Lets whaLLap Tigers or Carls.. 7 cans + 2 bottles of mixed Vodka was my max without getting drunk.. so far I haven't gotten drunk yet lah.. ><
-akxj- said…
true true =)

just didnt know what so sayabt it..

alamak talk about drinking again ..ish
vpws said…
haha just to think about it, i wonder what damage/ridicule i'll make when i'm drunk.. haha~
adecrazy said…
Wow. You got Prom King! Congratz!!

Pretty sure you guys had loads of fun from the looks of all the pictures!
~Jacqueline Ng~ said…
ahah a very nice picture of us!!=)
vpws said…
adecrazy:Haha thank you! :)

Yes indeed we did! =) Soon you'll experience it too! :)

~Jacqueline Ng~:
Haha but you look better lah.. :P
suzanne said…
wot prom king! gong hei gong hei~ keke! nice suit~ nice photo =)

i have problem with multiply..T_T
vpws said…
Hahah thank you thank you! :)

Awwww.. Multiply often have problems and maintenance, that's y i shifted.. lolx~ :)
tinylola said…
Hello, I would like to make an appointment with Mr Vincent Pang
Was wondering which day would u like to learn sewing?? *giggles* hehehe
-akxj- said…
Hahaha sorry but Mr Vincent Pang is busy at the moment.. He'll attend to you as soon as he is able to.. :)

Hahaha~ should be soon la k dear? :) Hehehehehehe~
-akxj- said…
oops.. that was me, vincent.. hahaha~
tinylola said…
lol.. okie dokie
next time I'll need to book a month earlier for Captain Pang aint I?? ;P
Have fun alright busy boy *hugs*
Anonymous said…
hey vince.....congrats on bcoming prom king....btw u guys&galz look xtra nice there...; sure u enjoyed it....
Anonymous said…
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