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Cousin's Wedding

Sorry for the lack of updates. Life after SPM has been very hectic with plans all day and night. Last night I attended a distant cousin's wedding at Palace of the Golden Horses. Since picture speaks a thousand words, so...

^ About 600 people attended the wedding function

^ Mom and dad

^ 10 feet cake

^ Appetizer

^ Grandma and grandpa

^ Sisters

^ 'Yam Seng'

^ Slide presentation of the newly-weds

^ Ice sculpture

^ Brother

^ Sisters

^ Grandma with the bride and groom's ride

^ Me.. Hehe~

^ My family

^ Bro with big vase

^ Father and bro

^ Sisters with vase

I have been sleeping at 4AM over the past few days. I'll need a good and early sleep tonight, as I have my school's prom tomorrow night. Lights out!


suzannne said…
wot..ur sister so leng lui o >.<
sadomasochist said…
yr pose all damn yeng wei..
vpws said…
suzannne:Haha really? Thanks! :)

Hahaha thanks dude. :P Lolx~

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