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The End of an Extremely Long Unexplainable Hiatus

Did a little change on the template. I guess I don't represent the "pink" layout too well anymore. Cause? A change of ego, or probably hormones, I suspect.

So what brought me back here? Nothing really. I had many temporary motivations to start blogging again over the past one year and a half, but, you know, the usual procrastinations which always end up in what-they-call "hangat-hangat tahi ayam". Plus, a hectic course schedule and crippled internet access at my campus add-on to it. So.... You get the picture.

Many life events have passed, and here I am, sitting down infront of my Ye Ol' Faithful computer (add Ice-Age to that) reminiscing about the good ol' days. I'm back here in Subang for a holiday you see, after having spent the past one year in Langkawi with my "Air Taxi Driver" career on track. YES, if some of you may ask, there IS a flying school in that alcohol and tobacco infested island. Lucky me. ;) After 2 months of infinite relaxation and stress-free schedules, the end of this holiday is drawing near. I'm hoping, begging, wishing, and craving for an extension! Sigh~

SPM results will be out tomorrow. Dear sis, best of luck and do us proud!

Hmm.. A good sleep is what I really need now. Gonna catch 10,000BC with my boo tomorrow. Pray it's good and not another rip-off to my already drying wallet.

Till, then.


Itscheryl said…
u came back and disappeared hehe

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