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I'm free and bored, so I think I should spend this rare opportunity doing nothing else but updating my uber outdated blog. LOL.

Once again, due to bad financial management, I'm broke for the month. Looks like its economy rice, no clubbing, no ciggies, and no (insert any appropriate unnecessary money-burning subject here) till I get my allowance again in November. Till then, it's sure gonna be hell for me since there are so many events I wanna attend and so many things I wanna do this month! Probably I should just sell my backside at Chow Kit Road. =

I just caught Jackie Chan's latest movie, Rob-B-Hood, with my sister at Sunway Pyramid in the afternoon. Just like most of Jackie's movies (especially A New Police Story), Rob-B-Hood was excellent! I admit I teared up a little in that movie - and you better don't call me a pussy, it's just that I'm a very heartful person. =)

^My sister forced me to pose my "puppy-dog eyes" while waiting at the traffic light.

^We yamcha at Uncle Lim's before the movie.

^My sis is a bloody poser/camwhore. I also can okay:

^LOL, I think it runs in the family. -.-"

Oh and I met Fly in ShadesSonia and her other half, SpideyManMarcus in the same cinema. Sonia claims that I'm stalking her. =\ I'm not okay!? =P

Oh my, look at the time now. Actually I was blogging halfway at 10pm, ready to go to bed right after blogging, but Mr. Smartypants Kent managed to persuade me for a short yamcha session. We SOMEHOW ended up spending 3 hours at the cybercafe.

Major SWEAT case. =.=


aman23 said…
you crazy ar? only 10 days have passsed and you're already out of money? -.-
vpws said…
Haha it happens every month.. Looks like at the starting of the month, I'll have to lock up at least 50% of my allowance somewhere safe where I can't see nor touch it!
wussy said…
Wauhsai... like that i cannot lepak with you until November leh. How like this? What you overbudgeted on dude?
vpws said…
Hehe, lepak of course can lah! :D You spend your money I sit at the side look only lor! We yamcha you drink Milo Ais/Heineken I sit beside drink 'suet cha' only lor.. Hehehe! :D

Hmmm, I received my pocket money of October in late September, so I somehow spent quite a lot of it in September itself.. =P Need to work on my financial management for November already weih.. =\
-KeNt- said…
no need la...just rock on!!!!!
wussy said…
aiseh~ u tau jugak huh Milo Ais. LoL! Dun worry, we lepak i sure belanja u wan~~
vpws said…
-KeNt-:Ish you diam la~ LOL!

Hehehe tau... Of course tau... :P Aiks don't want lah, paisey lah! Hahaha~
sonia * said…
Vincent's a stalker . :)
vpws said…
sonia *:
Oi!!! LOL~ :D
sweat said…
yes u call me ah?
told you i damn perasan one if people say sweat =.=
vpws said…
Haha you're always perasan 1 la! =P

Eh mana gambar!? :P

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