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The only way is FORWARD

Sorry for the lack of updates (yes, again.. ><). I so wanted to blog on Thursday, but I couldn't because my internet was down over the past 4 days for some unknown reasons. Streamyx has been a little unreliable lately (or is it all the time?) and I bet I won't be the only one saying it.

(Hearing people shouting from a distance, "How about those days before Thursday itself!?")

OK fine, apart from the internet down thingy, reasons why I didn't feel like blogging over the past one week is probably because of the lack of motivation, or there's nothing to blog about. Life doesn't seem to be as interesting or happening lately. That's what I get for spending 90% of my allowance on the first 10 days of the month. Don't ask me how it happened, it just did. =

Anyway, for something different, instead of updating about the past, let's announce what's coming up!

For the hardcore party people:

Recharge: Revel4tion (ZoukFest)

Source :

Was so looking forward to attend this year's ZoukFest, but might end up not, because dear planner Slinky taikor won't be able to make it. =

ZoukOut 2006

Source :

Woot! Now that so many people are going, I won't think twice of tagging along too! Moreover, it's right after my semester exam! I just can't wait! =D

Now, for the cleaner and sentimental people:

The Oral Stage: fiftynineminutes

Source :

Woot! I went for it last night with Suet Li (and Natalia FFK-ed!). It was excellent I tell you. Go book your tickets now and trust me, it's gonna worth your time, effort and money! Tonight's gonna be the last one, so don't miss it alright? :D

YKLS : A Malaysian Affair

Poster courtesy of Oh Lien Chai


I guess I'm done here. I woke up a little too early this morning, and I think I shall go back to bed now. zzzZzZzZZZZ~


I used to have that problem too last time. I guess our msian broadband has a long way to go before it can be considered reliable.

Dang! I wished i was back in malaysia now with all the happening things.
vpws said…
Couldn't agree more~ :D LOL.. But you can't deny that it has benefit us all in a way. And don't forget that it did serve its purpose.. OF PIRACY! LOL~

Guo Heng the Chin:
Haha unlike the UK right?

Chill dude, we're only going through 50% of fun without you here in Malaysia.. Hehe..

BTW, why Guo Heng the Chin? LOL~!
Jo said…
Hey dude, thanks loads for coming twice! Glad you enjoyed the show. Pleasure to have met you.

Till next time.
vpws said…
Wohhhhh dude! Haha! Yeah, you're welcome and I'm glad I attended it twice. Hehe! It's my pleasure too! Catch you around!
s!mp|e chery| said…
ah, I totally know what u mean when u say that you finished yr allowance within a week. you end up getting broke a week before the day you get your allowance again.

looks like someones gona be busy partying this month!
vpws said…
s!mp|e chery|:
Yeah, you can relate huh? Hehehe! But I get my allowance monthly, so I normally spend all in a fornight itself. The last fortnight of the month will be hell to me.. =\

Haha, nah, don't think so this month is the month. Might not be going for Revel4tion. Are you?


Make sure you don't FFK ar! LOL~
vpws said…
KwazEe V3e:
Came here to leave your mark again? =P
ryn said…
why so inactive oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
vpws said…
Wait till you come college then you'll find the answer yourself.. Haha! :D
s!mp|e chery| said…
The thing is, I'm not really into the clubbing world.i guess cos i dont really have the freedome from my parents.

Though I feel like whacking myself now cos i really wanted to go to Maison last night with kel li and the others but my mom came back really early, so I couldn't sneak out :(
vpws said…
s!mp|e chery|:
Oh, I see I see, I didn't know that.. I thought you're the typical wild party girl. Hahaha~

Ouch~ I somehow mislooked the message so I didn't go also. :( Sad.. Nevermind, we stay at home and be good boy and girl.. Hehe~
sadomasochist said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sadomasochist said…
lets goo zoukout man.. woot woot..suetli is hawt..ok im super random now
Albert said…
Whoa, how do you know Suet Li?

And oooh, we both went for A Malaysian Affair and fiftynineminutes! The moment I saw the blog entry's title I recognized it.
vpws said…
sadomasochist:Haha yes man!! :D

Wah seriously damn random lor! :P

Haha knew her in highschool, some Leo Club functions and all. =P Oh really? How come I didn't bump into you? Wait, you're albert with the long silky hair right? LOL~
Albert said…
Yes, that is me. :D I went for fiftynineminutes on Thursday (the press/friends-and-family screening) and A Malaysian Affair on Friday.
vpws said…
Haha :D OH! No wonder! Ish don't come to my blog bragging about VIP passes and all! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Just joking dude.. :P

I went because I have both of my friends in it performing..

Reuben from Fiftynineminutes, he acted in the opening one, the one that wanted to go FORWARD, LOL..
and he wrote and directed TRACK, the silent dinner.. :P

Then I have Lien Chai, he's the one on those holding the handphone at the right corner. =D

Crap, I don't think you wanna know also, LOL, but I typed it out of randomness.. -.-" Hehe~

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