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Of 3 Fat Virgins Unassembled and Adrian's Birthday

I just came home from a quirky play titled 3 Fat Virgins Unassembled in Sunway University College with Victoria, Vee Lyn, and Adrian. It was awesomely entertaining (considering that it's free admission and I have great interest in performing arts) and it worth every bit of my time and effort. The 4 multi-talented actresses were portraying women from all stages of life in the intention to render a message on confidence and self-esteem to the audience. I personally think they succeeded in accomplishing the objective.

^A scene from the play.
Photo courtesy of Adrian Kong.

I've so many things to blog about, especially about Kel Li's 21st birthday party two nights ago. I think I'll put it on pending till I get (or steal =P) a few decent pictures from the party.

On the other hand, I've just received a few photos from Adrian taken on his birthday celebration in Marche, The Curve on 8th September. I know that's like one freaking month ago, but what the heck, I'll just post them up for the sake of brightening my uber dull blog that's currently lack of pictures since my camera-phone got stolen a few months back.

^The birthday boy and the holes. =P
Photo courtesy of Adrian Kong.

^The birthday boy and the sticks. =P
Photo courtesy of Adrian Kong.

Last but not least,

^The birthday boy and his (quite saddening) little cake!
Photo courtesy of Adrian Kong.

Adrian, if you're reading this, once again I wish you a happy (belated) birthday! =D

Oh my, how much that boy have grown - especially on his physical appearances. Let's take a look of a photo of him taken less than 3 years ago:

^Yes, that's him in black DOWN THERE and me on top right.

I'm evil, I know. =P


-KeNt- said…
HahHAHhhahAAHAHAHAHAH....omfg!!!!!!!...adrian is so gonna kill u

wahlau...adrian seriously 'evolve' drastically the past 3 years....omg man....i seriously laugh my ass out when i see this pic...HaHhAhaAHAHahahaha

adrian u rox!!!!!

vincent u evil la.hahaha..
vpws said…
I bet he will. LOL! Damn scared la now. =\

Hehe I agree, too drastic in fact. Hehehehehe, I bet others who know him will laugh their ass out also! LOL~

Ish, chilling la.. Hehe~
aman23 said…
haha adrian did evolve drastically.

3 fat virgins was good eh? i wanted to go but totally forgot all about it =p
-KeNt- said…
hahahahahaa....serious man..hahaha...he rox man!!!!!hahaha
vpws said…
aman23:Hahaha, I still remember him being ONE HEAD SHORTER! :P

Yeah it was! I sympathy you for missing it man!~ Haha~

Anyway sorry about your comment in the previous entry, I forgot to take out the "Comments" when I published it. And if we're in the same boat, you so gotta tell me all about it! Haha~

Cheh! Don't 7hai Adrian please! Hehe~
aman23 said…
haha I think you know what's the story about already lah. the one you said that will happen to you in due time. I suppose it happened already?
vpws said…
Oh, I see. Hmmm, my story is far more complicated, and I think we'll need a "yamcha" session to talk about it. Hehehe!
MuNHo3 said…
haha..adrian grew a lot..din realise dat's a good thing..
-akxj- said…
lol =)

well .. dont worry .. what is there to be angry about =)..

adrian grown physically and mentally too :D ..

i've shown alot of people that pic ..ahahahahahahahah .. even since form 5 and now i've change alot .. ( this is when i see back all my prom pics ) ..

nice post btw :D .. and thanks for posting about my birthday again .. ahah ..

i'm still lil adrian .. see my nick on my msn!
vpws said…
Haha yeahlor.. Eh you grew also okay? In that very SAME picture was you squatting down there with an innocent young boy's face also! You wait next year 25th May I'll post it up! Hahahaha! :P

LOL~ Chill weih.. :P Hehe!

Haha really, alah then not fun already I post this up! :P Hehe!

You're welcome dude, it's my pleasure instead.. :D

Yes I can see it clearly! Hehe~
willy said…

no more the short fuck....he's now the tall handsome dude. Of course, i'm still better looking.

hahahahahaha. jk.

Happy Belated Birthday Adrian!
vpws said…
Haha last time you were shorter than me okay? LOL~ Until for form 3 or 4 when all of you grow rapidly all in a sudden. Hehe~ I miss those times when I don't need to tilt my head more than 0 degree upwards..~ :P
ryn said…
omgggggg the picture. wow!
vpws said…
When it comes to Adrian's childhood, I think you should know or remember better right? Hehehehe! =D
aman23 said…
ok yumcha session! =D when?
vpws said…
Anytime you call it man! Preferably after puasa? Haha! :D
KwazEe V3e said…
woi.. i almost 4got how lil boy he used 2 b wei..
bloody kecik sial.. huhuhuhu..!!
vpws said…
KwazEe V3e:
Haha you're lucky he wasn't THAT LITTLE the time you were with him.. Hehehehe!

But now big boy already la! :P Hehe~
KwazEe V3e said…
yeah la ya la... dat wuz d past la.. now no point making fun of him d.. so matured liao..
vpws said…
KwazEe V3e:
Hehehe he sure kembang when he read this.. :P
Jennhuiwen said…
haha,last time cute,now...HANDSOME
vpws said…
LOL tell him that la~

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