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Merdeka! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!!

Shit, I'm still suffering from my sorethroat and somehow it got even worst after I woke up this morning. Spending the past few days drinking and smoking in intolerable amount surely got my throat felt like it has been forcefully (and successfully) blocked with a bloody huge rock. The medicine the doctor prescribed me during my last visit on Tuesday just ran out this morning. I think I'll need to make another trip to the clinic soon.


Merdeka's eve night was spent in an uber patriotic mood. Proof?

(Photo courtesy of William Ng)

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Hey! I meant it seriously okay? Mun Hoe, his other half, and his other half's friend were there as witnesses too!
We spent the countdown to our country's 49th Independence Day at Ambang Kemerdekaan which was held in Sunway Lagoon. Definitely not an event to look out for or even stay till the ending for the cool and happening youth, but in my opinion, the event went pretty good. In fact, I bet they still managed to instill the patriotic spirit of loving your country into the crowd.

Once again, I wish all Malaysians a very very
Happy (belated) Merdeka Day!

After the countdown and fireworks display, we headed to Asia Cafe because I felt that Merdeka morning shouldn't be spent at home with a curfew sleeping in your cozy bed. It is the independence not only for the country, but also for every single Malaysian soul out there too! I planned to get wasted but ended up didn't because I forgot to refill my wallet before I stepped out of the house, and co-incidentally all the ATM machines in SS15 were a little cuckoo. So, a maximum of 6 bottles of Tiger beer was all I can afford, which brought me down the tipsy lane; and I was on puking-spree because of an empty stomach. -.-"

Slept till noon before having lunch with Mun Hoe, his other half, and his other half's friend at Kenny Roger's. At night I was out with Nat to work out one of her collusive schemes, which of course, is currently private and confidential. Oh and she busted my brains with one of her bloody annoying Yes-and-No riddles. Arghhhh! But it was all cool because I managed to solve it in the end. That proved that I'm quite smart eh? =P


Yesterday night was spent clubbing at Qbar with Nicholas Lai, Kah Jin, my classmate buddies, and some of my course-mates and their friends. The event was Lilium's birthday. There were about 18 of us and only 3 bottles of Black Label. Ben Jee, my classmate, which is also the birthday girl's dude, got wasted on his first time clubbing. Oh oh oh and Nick was drunk too!!! Hahahahaha! I was still 90% sober even after 3 shots of pure, 5 mixed, and straight down from the bottle thrice. The only torture I'm facing now is no other than my already bad enough sorethroat. :(

I so want to snap photos of so many things! Dang, I miss my phone! :(


vpws said…
Yes I know! But I didn't see you! Did I missed it? I reached there during the three Taylor's students dance.. :(
aman23 said…
my performance was RIGHT after the 3 taylors students bollywood dance! =\
hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi .
spank you for teman-ing me that night yea ? :)
hehe . i think our " scheme " worked out .
bwahahahah ! i will UPDATE you soon !
btw , you SO would not manage to solve the riddle without
one zillion clues and hints !
and be prepared ! i've got a whole lot of riddles to come , boy :)
xoxo , nat :)
vpws said…
Seriously!? OMG I was there lah you can ask Mun Hoe. OH OH! Now I remember, the one I saw was an encore! Shit! I thought you said you were performing at 10pm? So sorry dude!

misswishful <3:
Hahaha.. What spank spank? Back at you la! :P LOL!
Seriously? OK, I so gotta get myself updated!
Hey!!!! Don't lie la natnat, you didn't give me THAT many clues or hints okay!? You left me miserably scratching my head for "questions" all da way from centrepoint till home! GRRR!
Really? Then bring it on, girl! :) Hehehehe!
aman23 said…
oh if you saw the encore means it was the performance after us.. yeah we were scheduled to peform at 10, but we were ahead of schedule. =\ i got a shock myself haha.
vpws said…
Aih.. Sorry dude I missed it, didn't know it was ahead of schedule. I looked at the time and thought that it will be on time so I had my dinner at Asia Cafe first because I was darned hungry! Argh.. Do tell me the next time y'all performing at any special occasions okay? I'll do my very best to attend! :)
lolita said…
aiseh..drink n smoke lar..see ur sorethroat was bad..i was there also how come i didn't c u wan..say TAK NAK!!
vpws said…
Haha apparently, I lost my voice, for the first time in my life (apart from the time I had tonsilitis).. Hehehe, how I know you wor, sure avoiding me la what else!? Grrr~!

Yeah, TAK NAK! =P
ryn said…
vincent vincent. how come somehow, i don't believe that's considered a uber patriotic mood? i think you just wanted to go out! AND, that bit about you not wanting to go home right after the fireworks thing because it's independence day is just an EXCUSE.

i see right through you :D
vpws said…
Argh! You caught me there! But I plead half guilty, because there are other really emo reasons at the back of it, and I'll tell you when I have the chance okay? =\

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