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I was looking through the collection of some of my old photos dated way back into 2003 which was when I first got my digital camera - when I found this:

This photo of a part of my room was taken at the end of 2004. Almost a couple of years has gone by and yet my room still hasn't change; only that it's much messier now.

I kinda like this particular amateur piece of mine, probably because it depicts all kind of feelings just by looking at it.

The atmosphere of this picture is quite serene, yet you can still feel a tinge of gloom inside. The unattended chair and computer portray emptiness. The subdued sunlight through the curtains captures the feeling of the bright and cheerful outdoors, yet darkness still roam inside the room.

I feel just the same.


s!mp|e chery| said…
1st to comment. no?

the lighting in the picture is really good. tho there's nothing p!nk in your room *boo*

emptiness. i think i know how u feel..
kevin said…
Empty? But you have meeee! xD
vpws said…
s!mp|e chery|:
Haha! Yeah, 1st! :)

Haha, that picture was taken 2 years back, now there are plenty of "pinks".. Hehehe!

Oh, you do? I don't believe. Hehe~

Hahaha yes yes kev I have you. LOL!
budderflyx said…
wow that piece doesnt really looked as if it is taken by a amature photographer.. :) its has a really classic look..
Itscheryl said…
i like ur room
cant quite explain but very warm =D
so neat and nice.. so u better clean it up and make it look like tat again heh heh
ryn said…
you feel like that? a tinge of gloominess?

gives support*

and the pic is really good. it did convey all those feelings just by looking at it.
aman23 said…
great pic with great lighting bro. :)
vpws said…
Haha yeah really I took it just for fun. I'll take that as a compliment, thanks alot! :)

Hahaha, thank you! Warm? :P Actually my room's kinda cooling although on a flaming HOT day. =P
Hahaha, yes I will, really soon. Anyway, not much different also, just that I have a few extra books on the table that's all. =P Hehehe~

Yeah, a little. :(

Thanks alot ryn, I really really really do appreciate it!

Hahah really? I was like "blah-ing" shit out about how I feel from looking at the picture.

Thanks alot bro! :)
jenny said…
hey..i remember i wrote something on d whiteboard..haha
Grace said…
Someone still owes me a meal @ Friendster Cafe! hmpt!!!
vpws said…
Hahah yeah, so do I. :P Anyway that picture was taken last year lah, so it was still CLEAN at that time~ =P

I'll assume this is dear cousie.. =P
OMG, I owe meals to alot of people huh? Hahaha~ I'm gonna go BANKRUPT soon la~ =P
You better clean up that room of yours ;)
Someone VERY important is coming to visit !
Hehe :)

And don't worry, I'm pretty sure the
darkness that roams inside of your room
would soon be replaced with a brilliant
light . It's a matter of time before
the shadows recede and disappear in which
you need not feel the obscurity you've
been dwelling in anymore .

Natalia to the rescueeee ! Lol :)
vpws said…
misswishful <3:
Hahaha, I'm lazy, I'll just leave it as it is, since I don't think it's that messy. =P
I WONDER who.. Hmmm.. =P

Wow, that's Nat giving her two cents/words of wisdom. Haha~ Yeah, thanks alot for comforting, but, aih, it's hard to explain. =\ Yeah I agree that it's only depending on TIME now.. Anyway, I really appreciate it! Especially your intention to "rescue" me. Ehehe~! *Hugs*
Victor Pang said…
hey i taught it my room too
vpws said…
Victor Pang:
LOL, and your point is?

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